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Chiropractors spend years learning to examine the spine and understand the complex motions of the vertebrae and the nervous system surrounding it. The adjustment itself is given by hand, meaning that we apply specifically directed force to the area of the spine that is subluxated (out of alignment). An adjustment eliminates the subluxation allowing your spine to move freely and the nervous system to function at its optimal level.

In order to understand a chiropractic adjustment, we must first understand what increased sympathetic tone does to the body. Think about what happens to your body if you are chased by a bear. Your heart rate, breathing and blood pressure increases. You are in a state of stress. These are just a few results of increased sympathetic tone.

Your spine is not just a hard set of bones to protect your central nervous system (spinal cord and brain). Your health is determined in part by how well you move. Think about a time in which you felt a tightness in your body. You weren't moving well and felt pain, right? Your brain recognizes this through information sent from the spine. Your spine is more like a neuro-spinal organ receiving and sending information to the brain! Nearly 80% of the information in your brain is received from the spine, according to Principles of Neuroscience textbook.

If your spine isn't moving correctly, abnormal information is sent to the brain. Your body responds in a process as follows: Abnormal movement of the spine causes abnormal information to the brain. The brain responds by increasing the sympathetic tone. Most people recognize this abnormal information when it presents as pain but the effects are widespread! Symptoms such as ear infections, asthma, allergies, acid reflux, constipation, bed wetting are just a few examples of abnormal information from the brain.

Now imagine if you have been chased by a bear your entire life. You can only live in this high stress state that for so long before dysfunction occurs. This is when you receive a chiropractic adjustment to restore normal function, which results in decreased sympathetic tone. Decreased sympathetic tone means you feel better again!

A subluxation is defined as a misalignment of the vertebrae. A subluxation results in decreased movement of the vertebrae of the spine. Therefore a subluxation is an abnormally aligned and moving bone. When referring to the spine each bone in the spine is called a vertebrae.

Subluxations are caused by three things:

  1. Physical Trauma
  2. Emotional Thoughts (stress)
  3. Chemical Toxins

Your body is always trying to adapt and correct itself but when your body is unable to adapt to one of the three factors above, a subluxation occurs.

This depends on one person: You.

At Noble Choice Chiropractic, we want you to achieve a pain-free and healthy lifestyle through natural care. The doctors will go through all available treatment plan options and find one that suits you and your situation.

For some patients, this means using chiropractic as a source for acute care relief. Other patients have found that chiropractic improves their immune system, sleep and overall health. While we believe that regular chiropractic care can help maintain a healthy lifestyle, we do recognize that each patient is unique.