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Middle Back Pain Treatment in Sun Prairie, WI

Middle Back Pain Conditions Treatment Chiropractor Sun Prairie, WI

The middle back is the thoracic spine, typically defined as the area between T5-T12. The kyphotic curve of the mid back provides balance to the neck and lower back curves, allowing the spine to act as a spring to absorb the force of gravity and movement. Ribs are attached to the middle back, making the overall structure very secure.

Traditional medicine treats middle back pain with physical therapy, medications, injections, and surgery if necessary. Middle back pain is one of the most common conditions in our office, as chiropractic is a natural alternative to these treatments. Most of our new patients that present with middle back pain have excellent results with chiropractic adjustments.

How We Treat Middle Back Pain in Sun Prairie, WI

Comprehensive Consultation and Exam

Middle back pain can be annoying, at the very least. It may make work, life, or sleep challenging to complete.

During your first visit, one of our doctors will perform a thorough consultation and history with you to determine how your middle back pain affects your life. They will also complete chiropractic, functional, orthopedic, and neurological exams and tests to find the root cause of the problem. This will help create a care plan based on their findings and make you feel better faster.

Specific Chiropractic Care in Sun Prairie, WI

The thoracic spine is the largest portion of the spine, comprised of 12 vertebrae. Because of this, there are many joints and nerves that could be the cause of symptoms. Identifying the particular joint restriction/subluxations is essential in knowing where to adjust. Once joint motion is restored, joint function follows, meaning that symptoms such as muscle tightness and pain are alleviated.

Digital X-rays

In our office, we benefit from digital X-rays on-site. This helps us see exactly what your spine looks like. Most people with poor mid-back posture tend to have a hunchback, poor flexibility, and back pain. X-rays give us an idea of which areas to adjust, what your curve looks like, and if you need any further curve correction. Your thoracic curve can ONLY be seen with X-rays, and we don’t do any guessing regarding your care.

Custom Therapeutic Exercise Plan

Your middle back pain may be caused by posture, trauma, genetics, or even your job. Because everybody is so different, our doctors create a custom therapeutic exercise plan based on your needs. This plan targets specific muscle weaknesses and imbalances. Key postural muscles in the middle back support the structure of your spine, and sitting leads to weakness in these muscles. Finding the right balance between stability and mobility is essential; too much of either can cause problems. Your exercises can even be performed right at your desk or at work!

Common Causes of Middle Back Pain

Poor posture

Spinal health is directly related to one’s posture. Middle back pain usually stems from a postural issue. If our muscles are too weak or tight, it can distort the shape of our spine. Even small changes can cause pressure on nerves and the spinal cord, which can cause dysfunction in the nervous system. Middle back pain is a chronic problem that starts young and worsens with time.


Misalignment of a vertebra or segment in the spine causes nerve pressure that can cause symptoms or stress. Since subluxations don’t always cause pain, proactive chiropractic treatment is essential. Only chiropractors are trained experts at identifying and removing subluxation.

Muscle Strain

Several muscles in the middle back around the shoulder blades perform various movements for the shoulder. This leads to increased opportunities for muscles to get strained or partial fiber damage, creating soreness and inflammation. Stretching and various exercises can help speed up recovery time.

Rib Subluxation

Commonly referred to as “rib out of place,” rib subluxation is the partial dislocation of the joint between the rib and spine. It creates sharp pain when expanding the ribcage and breathing in. Chiropractic is highly effective at providing instant relief.


People are born with scoliosis. It is caused when lateral curvatures in the spine distort posture and affect joints asymmetrically. It can cause pain but doesn’t always cause symptoms. Severe cases need more invasive and interventional care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a chiropractor in Sun Prairie, WI, help with middle back pain?

Yes, middle back pain is one of our specialties, and we’ve greatly succeeded in alleviating symptoms.

Will my middle back pain go away by itself?

It depends on the injury. Sometimes, middle back pain will go away after a few weeks but may come back. However, if left untreated, middle back pain could turn chronic.

How can you tell if your spine is out of alignment?

Symptoms of a misaligned spine are aches, pains, and headaches. Some people report feeling no pressure, just that they “feel off.”

How do you fix chronic middle back pain?

Chronic middle back pain can be helped with regular chiropractic adjustments and prescribed exercises.

When should I worry about middle back pain?

If you’re having any type of pain, it’s a sign that your body is trying to tell you something, so it is essential to seek care immediately.

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