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Chiropractic Low Back Pain Care in Sun Prairie WI

Hi, Dr. Jonathon Pinnow here, your chiropractor for low back pain in Sun Prairie WI.

I want to talk to you today about specific chiropractic and, specifically, your low back pain and how chiropractic can help, and why it’s important to be really specific with which joints we move

in through your lower back.

So we all know people at home. They twist, they turn. They can get some of those popping and cracking. Sometimes they’re doing crazy things like twisting themselves on chairs, whatever it is through there.

What happens when they do that is they actually sometimes feel good right afterwards, but then, eventually, it’ll start to come back.

And over time you get less and less relief when you do those movements. And it actually causes degeneration through the spine.

And so I’m going to go through how that works in through here.

And so if we look at your lower back in through these joints down here, maybe when you’re turning side-to-side, this joint right here, it’s not moving. It’s locked up. It’s restricted.

What you’re hearing is the joint above and below it moving more to make up for this joint that’s not moving, i.e. subluxated.

Chiropractic Exam Sun Prairie WI

And so when you come into the office, we’re going to go through an exam, palpate exactly where those joints are that aren’t moving, or are subluxated.

But then we’re also going to take x-rays so we can find out exactly where those joints are that need to be adjusted, to return you back to where you’re not feeling any of the pain in through your low back.

And so in our office, we’re super-specific with finding subluxations and correcting only the ones

that you need corrected. And so the big idea with chiropractic is that your brain controls everything else through your body.

When we look at you from the front, we want that spine to be nice and straight up and down. And we want those hips to be nice and level.

When we look at you from the side, we actually want to see that you have a curve down here in through the lower back, a curve here through the middle, and then a curve back up and through the cervical spine.

And so when we look at this lower back specifically, we want to see that all of those joints are moving how they’re supposed to. None of them are subluxated, locked up.

And when you have a subluxation where they are locked up, these nerves here that are exiting at every single level in your spine on both sides, there can be an issue with that nerve.

And so I’ll show you more specifically.

Chiropractic Low Back Pain Care, Sun Prairie WI

When we look at a joint individually, what we want to see, it just moves nice and freely through there. Your disk height is well-maintained.

And then this area right here, where the nerve’s exiting, it’s nice and big. There’s plenty of movement for that nerve to exit through there.

But over time, maybe it’s a car accident. Maybe it’s your posture at work. It’s repetitive sitting. It’s repetitive lifting. A lot of small things can add up to something big.

What we’ll see is that we start to have some degenerative changes where the disk height through here now, it starts to narrow.

Some of the bone spurring that can occur along through here, you start to notice. And then also, this side right here, where the nerve’s exiting, that hole, it’s starting to get smaller in through there.

And the nerves can actually get smaller here as well. And those nerves are what run out to the rest of your body. They control everything from how you breathe, sleep, digest your food, heal from a cut, and also sense the pain that you may be experiencing in your lower back.

So we’ve got to come in here. We’ve got to get this joint to move freely again, take the irritation and the pressure off that nerve, so that you can get back to living your very best.

If we find this in our office, a subluxation, we know we can help.

So I look forward to seeing you in the office and helping you soon.

Noble Choice Chiropractic

Noble Choice Chiropractic was founded in 2013 by Drs. Jonathon and Steph Pinnow. “Noble” is a nod to Dr. Steph’s maiden name because, as Dr. Steph puts it, “I worked too hard throughout school as a Noble to leave my roots in the dust”. Both Doctors firmly believe that participation in one’s own health is a choice, therefore Noble Choice Chiropractic was born.

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