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Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain in Sun Prairie WI

Hi, it’s your chiropractors for neck pain in Sun Prairie WI. We want to talk to you about your neck pain and how best to treat it here in our office.

When you come into our office, we’ll sit down with you, and we’ll listen to you. We’ll find out exactly when your neck pain began because the history is important to us.

Whether your neck pain started in the past from a trauma, such as a car accident, or if it’s just slowly come on overtime, that history is a very important piece to understand how to correct it going forward.

Once we understand your history, we move into looking at exactly what’s going on right now.

Neck Pain Symptoms

Is there a ligament instability?

Are the muscles too tight?

Are the muscles too weak?

Where’s your, what’s your range of motion look like?

Is there any limited range of motion in any area?

All of these factors help us in deciding exactly how we can help you best. And so we’ve got to go through a thorough exam and look for each one of these.

Chiropractic Testing for Neck Pain in Sun Prairie, WI

In addition to that, we’ll go through orthopedic testing. We’ll go through neurological testing, and we’ll even do x-rays if necessary. All of these tests together help give us a better idea of exactly how to help with your neck pain.

But that history is an important part. And then sitting down and finding out exactly what your symptoms are today. Where you are right now and where we want to get to going forward?

And so once we’ve done all that, then, if necessary, we’ll go into x-rays.

Right, so for the x-rays, specifically in the neck, we actually do them a little bit differently here

in our office. And we do what we call motion study x-rays. So we do have a digital x-ray onsite here, which is great because then we can look at things right away and we can analyze it immediately and get back to, you know, helping you with your problem even sooner.

So we’ll go through just really quick those motion studies and then make sure that we’ve got time to actually explain what is going on with you. Where is it?

And then, like Dr. Jonathon said how we can help you with the care for it.

So those x-rays are so important. And having them onsite is awesome because it doesn’t waste any time. We can get you back in here, go over them ASAP and get you back feeling your very best.

But when we go through those x-rays when we do the motion study portion, it allows us to be really specific. We can find out exactly where in your spine, those bones, aren’t moving. Whatever segment it is, wherever it’s locked up, wherever that bone is not moving properly, whether it’s causing any issues with the nerves in that area that are exiting the spine; we can be specific.

And so we can find the area that’s locked up. It’s not moving. Maybe it’s causing your

pain you’re experiencing, maybe it’s causing the shooting pain that you’re feeling out into your arms.

Sun Prairie, WI In-office Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain

And then once we find that we can go in there specifically with an adjustment, we can correct that movement in that segment and get you back feeling your very best.

But there’s more than just doing that portion with the adjustment. We also do more in our office.

So the next thing we do after the chiropractic adjustment is make sure that you are following our recommendations at home. Which for almost every patient that comes in here means that you have some sort of therapeutic exercise program.

So we will, depending on what you do, you know, some people will be sitting at a desk all day, looking forward.

Other people might be, you know, like a painter who’s doing overhead repetitive actions.

So depending on what you do most of your time and what your complaint is, and obviously what we find out through our x-rays and examination that will create a custom exercise plan for you.

So not a ton of stuff to do in-office. It’s going to be most of your work at home because you have to be part of this process in order to get right on the healing timeline.

So those will be a couple of them actually throughout each of our plans. So we kind of build on each section of exercises that you will learn.

Yeah, so it’s a progression. So when you come in, we’re always going to start with that thorough history and the exam, we’ll go through x-rays if necessary, we’ll be super specific, finding exactly where an adjustment is needed, delivering that adjustment and then giving you work to do at home because it’s a 50/50 process.

We need you to do some of the work at home to help us get you back to where you want to be.

That is the process here. That’s how we are so successful in helping with neck pain here in Sun Prairie, WI.

We’re excited to help you!

Noble Choice Chiropractic

Noble Choice Chiropractic was founded in 2013 by Drs. Jonathon and Steph Pinnow. “Noble” is a nod to Dr. Steph’s maiden name because, as Dr. Steph puts it, “I worked too hard throughout school as a Noble to leave my roots in the dust”. Both Doctors firmly believe that participation in one’s own health is a choice, therefore Noble Choice Chiropractic was born.

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