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X-rays for Migraines with Your Chiropractor in Sun Prairie, WI

Hi, Dr. Jonathon Pinnow, your chiropractor for migraines in Sun Prairie, WI.

And I want to talk to you today about why x-rays are so important, when we’re looking at the migraines that you’re feeling.

When you’re having those migraines, whether it’s with an aura, that visual disturbance you have before the headache, or not, the x-ray is gonna tell us a story of what the cervical spine looks like.

How all the bones are aligned up in through here and what kind of degeneration you have that might be playing a part in the symptoms you’re experiencing. And the frequency or intensity of your migraines.

Migraine Chiropractic Exam Sun Prairie, WI

And when we take the x-ray, we’re gonna look at your standing from a few different angles, but we’re also gonna look at how you’re moving through the x-ray, and when you move in that x-ray, we’ll see how each individual joint in through your neck is moving.

And then when we find the area that’s not moving properly, i.e a subluxation, an area that’s locked up in your spine, then we can go in, we can be super specific and fix whichever level in your neck isn’t moving properly.

That can be inhibiting some of the nerve function that refers back up the end of the head, dealing with those migraines, and that’s when we can get you feeling better and get rid of those migraines.

We’re super excited to have this extra unit onsite.

There’s no waste of time sending you somewhere else, waiting for images to come back.

We just get you in, take the x-rays and get you feeling better as fast as we can.

I’m really excited to help you with your migraines and see you in the office soon.

Noble Choice Chiropractic

Noble Choice Chiropractic was founded in 2013 by Drs. Jonathon and Steph Pinnow. “Noble” is a nod to Dr. Steph’s maiden name because, as Dr. Steph puts it, “I worked too hard throughout school as a Noble to leave my roots in the dust”. Both Doctors firmly believe that participation in one’s own health is a choice, therefore Noble Choice Chiropractic was born.

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