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The Importance of Seeking Care After a Work Injury in Sun Prairie, WI

Seeking Care After a Work Injury Chiropractor in Sun Prairie, WI

The Importance of Seeking Care After a Work Injury | Workers’ Comp Chiropractor in Sun Prairie, WI

Hi, I’m Dr. Jonathon Pinnow with Noble Choice Chiropractic. And we’re answering a simple question today. Why should you see a chiropractor after your works’ comp injury? And specifically why you should see us.

Don’t Wait to Seek Care After Your Work Injury

You see, most people after they have an injury, they just give it some time, the way they see how they’re feeling? Well, in the world of work comp, that’s really detrimental. Because in Wisconsin, you have 90 days from the date of your injury, that insurance will cover for care. After those 90 days, it’s typically a hard stop. And there’s no coverage with care beyond those 90 days so you’ve really got to use that window to the fullest of your possible ability to get back to 100%.

The Importance of Chiropractic Care After Your Injury

And so why should you see a chiropractor here in our office? We understand that time frame, and we try our very hardest to get you back as close to 100% as we can, within those 90 days. So there’s no out of pocket expenses for you. It’s all covered by your works’ comp claim. The second then, is when you have an injury to the spine. The longer that goes uncorrected, the faster you have degeneration that compounds within your spine. So maybe a initial injury, you don’t feel too much through there. If it’s left uncorrected, over time, that degeneration compounds, so it becomes a bigger and a bigger and a bigger problem, the longer you wait, and the harder it is to kind of get that under control to get it corrected. So the quicker you come in, the sooner after that accident, you might not be feeling as bad as you would be down the road. But it’s easier to correct at that exact time. So there’s really two main important reasons why you would see a chiropractor at our office right after work comp and injury. One is so you can get better, as fast as possible. And sometimes it’s even before some of the pain starts to show up, that we’re able to correct these injuries. And then the second is so that everything’s covered by your work comp claim no out of pocket expenses to you. And everybody loves that when it doesn’t cost him something to fix a problem.

So come on in. We’d love to help you out. We are very versed in works’ comp we’ve been helping with this for years. We’d love to help you as well. Thank you!

Noble Choice Chiropractic

Noble Choice Chiropractic was founded in 2013 by Drs. Jonathon and Steph Pinnow. “Noble” is a nod to Dr. Steph’s maiden name because, as Dr. Steph puts it, “I worked too hard throughout school as a Noble to leave my roots in the dust”. Both Doctors firmly believe that participation in one’s own health is a choice, therefore Noble Choice Chiropractic was born.

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